Mid-March Banner

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, (and because that kid on the Lionel catalog cover was starting to creep me out), we present a new banner mid-March, featuring a spiffy train from Iarnród Éireann, aka Irish Rail, which offers intercity and commuter passenger service around and about the Emerald Isle. According to Irish Rail, state-of-the-art passenger coaches purchased from South Korea in 2009 will make their trains…wait for it…the “greenest trains in Europe.” Go figure.

Like all trains presented here, this Irish Rail locomotive runs on subjective time. Faith and begorrah, she cuts a fine figure doing it, and she’s green as Mother Ireland herself! Does my heart good just to think on it.

This image comes from the Visit Skerries webpage, http://www.skerrieshomepage.com/busandtraintimetables.htm.

4 thoughts on “Mid-March Banner

  1. That’s Connolly Station in Dublin! Been through there a fair few times meself. And the older type commuter train in the background passed my window in Balbriggan a hundred times a day.

    1. Sorry about that…that’s the second or third bit of negative feedback I’ve gotten about the Gravatar-assigned avatars. I’ve changed it to the generic setting for folks who don’t have an avatar that’s recognized by WordPress. No more geometric monsters. 🙂

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