Scribbler’s Scoreboard, February ’10

Slow and steady. Work trips took a little wind out of my sails last month, but I’ve also been working on a couple of longer stories that should be ready to sub out in March, plus a flash or two.

Biggest news for February is that my short story, “Mound of Mud,” previously published online in Mindflights, will appear in Residential Aliens‘ second annual print anthology, While the Morning Stars Sing, coming in May June.

The February Scoreboard:

6 Feb: “Promises” submitted to Alternative Coordinates

7 Feb: 31-day rejection from Wily Writers Speculative Fiction for “A Taste of Honey”

20 Feb: 42-day rejection from Everyday Weirdness for “Bullies With Big Fat Heads”

21 Feb: “Bullies With Big Fat Heads” submitted to Every Day Fiction

Still waiting on responses from The Drabblecast for “The Devil’s Temp” and Allegory for “Come You Back to Mandalay”

“The Chamber of Doors” will appear in Bards and Sages Quarterly in April 2010.

“The Silver Tree” will appear in Kaleidotrope in April 2010.

“Mound of Mud” will appear in While the Morning Stars Sing in May June 2010.

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