I’m usually a little more focused about writing on my time off during my work trips, but this one has been difficult. I haven’t even been able to blog properly. Of course, I’ve spent most of this trip poring over multi-thousand-line spreadsheets from 8am to 4pm every day, so I guess it makes sense that it’s hard to look a computer in the face when I get back to my lodgings.

Today, I seem to have enough energy to tap out some random thoughts, so here goes:

Olympics. I was hoping to see more familiar sights after my recent trip to Vancouver, but NBC isn’t doing a lot of local color segments. Not much whining about less-than-gold-medal results from anybody, even the favorites. A lot of talented kids are under a lot of pressure from their nations to do great things, though, especially the Asian figure skaters and, uncharacteristically, all the Canadians. Their hockey girls are about to win gold over Team USA as I write this, which will give our friends up north the opportunity to let off some steam. Sigh. 2-0. At least it wasn’t a blowout. Congratulations, and well-played, eh?

Interviews. I’m always surprised when somebody asks me for an interview. I got two requests this week, one from somebody putting together a book about writers of Christian horror. I don’t write very much horror, though horrifying things do pop up in my stories from time to time. Some people would say all my stories are horrifying, but that’s another post for another day.

Writing. I did write this week. Jumped into a flash challenge at Liberty Hall and was happy to come up with something that didn’t stink. My last two efforts were dead on arrival. Oh, and I got word today that my short story, “Mound of Mud,” will appear in the forthcoming Residential Aliens print anthology, While the Morning Stars Sing. That would be worth a hearty whoo-hoo if I wasn’t so tired right now.

Reading. Meh. My eyes won’t focus. I still hope to finish Grace Bridges’ Faith Awakened before I return home.

Running. the one really bright spot on this trip. I’m back on my running program, and it feels good.

Cabriolet. I have no idea why I just typed that, but it sounds really cool. See what I mean? Random.

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