Catholic Writers Conference Online, February 26 – March 5

In parallel with their annual live conference, the Catholic Writer’s Guild is again offering a free online writing conference from February 26 to March 5. Activities will take place via a combination of forum posting and moderated live chat, and there are many choices available. The schedule is here.

You don’t — repeat — don’t have to be Catholic to participate, nor do you have to be a member of the Catholic Writer’s Guild.  Most of the forums and workshops cover topics of interest to all writers, regardless of faith, creed, genre, or favorite ice cream flavor.

You do, however, need to register for access, a painless process you can initiate by clicking on this link. Don’t delay–registration ends on February 15.

Writing conferences of this scope often charge enormous fees for the privilege of wearing a dorky nametag, drinking cold coffee, and straining to translate presentations scrambled by a bargain-basement sound system. This one, again, is free, and you can attend it at home, in your jammies, while sipping your favorite hot cocoa. If you have a manuscript in your back pocket you’ve been dying to pitch to an agent or publishing house, there are opportunities for that, too.

So, check it out. I think you’ll be glad you did.

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