January CSFF Blog Tour Day 2: North! Or Be Eaten, by Andrew Peterson

As you read this, I’m probably driving (North!) along a rain-spattered highway from Seattle to Vancouver, B.C., where I’ll be participating in the launch event for The Best of Every Day Fiction Two anthology, which includes one of my short stories.

Enough about me…you’re here for North! Or Be Eaten.

Today, I’m going to focus on the websites for the Wingfeather Saga (of which North! Or Be Eaten is the second volume), and the author. So, read on…Or Be Eaten.

The Wingfeather Saga Online

This website provides a nice introduction and a point of contact between Peterson and his readers. The home page is a newsblog of events, trivia, and other items of interest related to the books. Sub-pages include:

  • Welcome – A brief introduction to the series.
  • Books – Cover images and links to purchase
  • Creaturepedia – A compendium of strange beasts featured in the books, with illustrations by Andrew Peterson and Justin Gerard. I must confess I found the Toothy Cow a little underwhelming–sort of a Jersey/St. Bernard crossbreed with all of the drooling and none of the charm. I expect they’re scarier in the stories.
  • Encyclopedia – A list of people, places, and things from the books.
  • Maps – Cartography of the world of Aerwiar, where the story is set.
  • Art by YOU – Very cool. Peterson posts drawings from young fans of the Wingfeather Saga.
  • Guestbook – A place to check in and leave comments.
  • A Note to Parents – Peterson provides a brief explanation of who he is and what he’s about with these books. Anybody wondering whether he’s a Christian author and/or if he intended to include Christian themes in his stories should find their questions answered here.

Andrew Peterson’s Author Website

Andrew Peterson has a lot going on, and this is where you can find out all about it. He’s an author. He’s an artist. He’s a singer/songwriter. He has a band–a real one, with a record contract and a tour schedule. He won a Dove Award for his song, “Family Man.” He even wrote a few songs for VeggieTales (I’ll say it again, I want to party with this guy). He’s also created a community of like-minded creative folk called “The Rabbit Room” (more on that later). Subpages include:

  • Home – Links to everything else, plus a sign-up form for his mailing list.
  • Shows – Tour schedule for readings and concerts.
  • Bio – Just what it says.
  • Music – List of his albums, with jacket art and links to purchase.
  • Books – List of his books, with cover art and links to purchase.
  • Forum – A place to chat with Andrew Peterson and his fans.
  • Promote – Advertising boodle, including webpage banners and a free song download.
  • Contact – Information on how to get in touch with Peterson or book a concert.
  • Store – A place to purchase stuff from Peterson and his associates. If you absolutely must have a real Toothy Cow tooth, you can get it here.

The Rabbit Room

Grownups who want more insight into Andrew Peterson and his circle of friends can catch a glimpse here. Peterson founded The Rabbit Room as a gathering place for artists in search of community, “artists who believe in the power of old tales, tales as old as the earth itself, who find hope in them and beauty in the shadows and in the light and in the source of the light.”

Here you’ll find “writings and reviews by artists and appreciators of art, conversations about creation, storytelling, songwriting, and the long journey of becoming who we’re meant to be.” As he explains in his lengthy introduction to The Rabbit Room, Peterson was deeply influenced by the work and example of C.S. Lewis and the Inklings, and is trying to achieve a similar dynamic of shared inspiration.  There’s a lot of stuff here, by eleven or so different writers, musicians, and artists, and it makes for an interesting meander.

That concludes my piece of this month’s CSFF Blog Tour. I usually bring in a selection of comments from other folks on the tour for Day 3, but I don’t think I’ll be able to manage that during my road trip. You’ll get a better picture by going directly to their blogs anyhow. Please do so…Or Be Eaten.

Next month, we’ll take a journey into the land of the fey folk with R.J. Anderson’s Faery Rebels: Spell Hunter. Cheery, whimsical sprites, these are not. See you then!

Series site – http://wingfeathersaga.com/?p=464
Author site – http://www.andrew-peterson.com/

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