Second Time Around

One nice thing about writing short stories is that it’s not just a one-shot deal. A good story can often find a second life (or even multiple lives) as a reprint, offered in a different market and/or format. Some purveyers of literary entertainment actually prefer reprints, as they provide a pool of proven stories that have successfully run an editorial gauntlet elsewhere. So it is that one of my stories previously published online is coming back again, in print.

“Of All Things, Seen and Unseen,” my story of a space-rescue mishap that sparks a crisis of faith for a member of a unique religious community, is featured in the inaugural issue of ResAliens. Editor Lyn Perry has created a cool, glossy-covered bimonthly mag with the feel of the old SF pulp digests, and fills it with some of his favorite stories from the past year’s offerings in Residential Aliens online magazine. I’m proud that mine is one of them.

Here’s the rest of the lineup:

R.E. Diaz spins a tale of tragedy and unexpected redemption in “A Measure of the Depth.”

Patrick  G. Cox visits a dying world, where an explorer displaced four hundred years into the future may hold the key to its inhabitants’ survival, in “Harry and the Underworld.”

Dan Devine’s starship crew encounters an alien culture where stupidity is in the eye of the beholder, or perhaps a function of management, in “Learning the Ropes.”

Michael W. Garza explores a scenario in which First Contact may very well be Last Contact, in “Return to Sender.”

Finally, John Farrell offers a moving story about a spacefaring future where Islam is ascendant,  examining the connections between art and faith, and between religion and revolution, in “Venus Theotokos.”

ResAliens #1 is on sale now. You can pick up a copy for just $7, but why not go all in and try a 6-issue subscription for $25–less than $5 an issue, and you can read it at any altitude, with or without a broadband connection, and even if your Kindle runs out of juice! Future issues will feature several different flavors of spec-fic–alien stories, slipstream, dark fantasy, and more. To get a feel for what you can expect to find inside, check out Residential Aliens online magazine, which presents new stories monthly.

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