Notes From All Over

Lots of cool stuff happening writing-wise this month, involving me either directly or indirectly. I mentioned most of these things in passing among my December posts, but I thought it might be a good idea to gather the trail of bread crumbs into a single biscuit, so to speak.

1. Residential Aliens print issue #1 (also available as a downloadable e-book), featuring my short story, “Of All Things, Seen and Unseen,” is on sale now!

2. Every Day Fiction is publishing my flash story, “Half,” on January 13.

3. My flash story, “Little Piece of Cloth,” will appear in the Best of Every Day Fiction 2009 print anthology, which will launch on January 30. I’ll be attending the launch event at the Cedar Cottage Coffee House in Vancouver, B.C. with Every Day Fiction staff and authors. Signings, readings, roundtable discussions, and more!

4. Liberty Hall Writer’s Forum just finished reengineering its website. Check it out!

5. One of my associates at Liberty Hall, Campbell Award runner-up Aliette de Bodard, launches the first volume of her Aztec supernatural mystery trilogy, Servant of the Underworld, on January 7. It’s going to rock. You can read the first chapter here.

6. My novel, The Muse, published by Splashdown Books, is available through a variety of sources including Barnes & Noble and People are reading it and enjoying it. Be one of them!

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