December CSFF Blog Tour Day 1: Digital Dragon Magazine

This month’s tour is a little different in that we’re not reviewing a work of Christian speculative fiction, we’re reviewing a place where you can find Christian speculative fiction – Digital Dragon Online Magazine.

It’s sort of like directing you to a store where you can find lots of nice cashmere sweaters rather than merely listing the pros and cons of the one I just bought.

I’m going to restrict my comments about Digital Dragon to “just the facts” because I have a pretty big conflict of interest – I have a story (“Angel Wings“) and an interview in this month’s issue. Do feel free to check them out and let me know what you think.

Digital Dragon is a free monthly electronic magazine (e-zine) featuring short (around 1500 words) speculative fiction, often with Christian or faith-based themes. The editor, T.W. Ambrose, and his staff strive to present stories that are well-written, entertaining, and family-friendly. The magazine debuted in June 2009, and December marks its seventh consecutive issue.

Digital Dragon also publishes editorials, interviews, book reviews, poetry, and serial fiction, often taking advantage of the flexibility of electronic media to add an extra story or two mid-month. The virtual cover features new artwork or photography each month.

Tomorrow, I’ll peruse the archives of Digital Dragon in search of a few cool stories that aren’t mine, to give you a feel for what you can expect to find if you virtually crack open a copy.

Also, we’re Touring later in the month than usual, and our intrepid leader’s computer died a few days ago, so some of our usual participants might not participate, but here’s a list of my fellow travelers on the CSFF Blog Tour:

Brandon Barr
Justin Boyer
Amy Browning
Valerie Comer
Amy Cruson
CSFF Blog Tour
Stacey Dale
D. G. D. Davidson
Shane Deal
Jeff Draper
Emmalyn Edwards
April Erwin
Karina Fabian
Todd Michael Greene
Ryan Heart
Timothy Hicks
Becky Jesse
Cris Jesse
Jason Joyner
Carol Keen
Krystine Kercher
Tina Kulesa
Melissa Lockcuff
Mike Lynch
Rebecca LuElla Miller
John W. Otte
Cara Powers
Chawna Schroeder
James Somers
Speculative Faith
Robert Treskillard
Jason Waguespac
Phyllis Wheeler
Jill Williamson
KM Wilsher

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4 thoughts on “December CSFF Blog Tour Day 1: Digital Dragon Magazine

  1. Hey Fred,
    I’m afraid with Becky’s computer on the fritz that the tour is a little lost this month. Too bad, because there are some nice things at DDM for people to check out. I did post, and I read your story. Good work! I’ll have to see if I can be creative in 1500 words or less!

    Happy New Year man!


    1. Hi, Jason!

      Heh, yeah, it’s kind of like the “three-hour tour” this time. If not for the courage of the fearless crew, the Minnow, er, the Tour would be lost… 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by, and glad you liked the story. I’ll check out your post today. Best New Year’s wishes to you and yours.

  2. And speaking of “on the fritz,” I too posted a review of Digital Dragon, but it was left off the list. I hope you check it out.

    1. Hey, Mike! Consarned compooters…you’re on my list now all three days and your review is linked on the Day 3 blog entry. Nice review–I’ll leave a comment on site.

      Happy New Year,


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