The Muse: Reader Feedback

Here’s what readers are saying about The Muse, in review comments gleaned from and Barnes&

“What would you do to fulfill your artistic dreams? Fred Warren offers a humorous, yet mysterious, twist on the journey to success that warns: if the deal is too good to be true, it likely is. The Muse is unique and imaginative.” — NovelTeen Book Reviews

“I give The Muse two thumbs up, with a gold star for family friendliness, a gold star for originality, a gold star for plot, and a silver star for characters. Plus, a first place ribbon for Fred Warren’s first novel, and a shiny red apple for Splashdown books for taking a chance on a new writer.” — T.W. Ambrose, Editor, Digital Dragon Magazine

“Fred Warren’s debut is great. I am a new reader in this genre. I found the book to be fun, fast-paced, and an excellent read.” — L. Hooker

“Fred’s book is a fast read that I could not put down until I reached the end.” — Paulette Harris

“The strength of the story lies in Mr. Warren’s well developed characters. He has a great cast, and they are well written. Their interaction provides much of the story’s spark.” — R.L. Copple

“The dialogue is snappy, the action is taut, and the family emotion is strong and real.” — Steven Rzaza

“…beyond the fast paced chapters, great dialogue and fantastically magical climax is the soulful inner journey of the main character that so many stories seem to lack these days…A truly impressive debut novel” — Kirk Outerbridge

“Fred Warren’s deftly-designed characters and well-developed scenes will draw in a variety of readers and carry them along for the ride.” — Cathi

Have there been negative comments? Sure. Nobody likes to dwell on criticism–I had a boss once who counseled me to avoid “going camping with the boys who don’t like you.” However, I’m a big believer in truth in advertising, and happily, criticism so far has been mostly in the vein of wanting more of what’s there already. The buildup to the main action and confrontation between good and evil is a little slow for some. A few folks wished I’d spent more time in the realm of imagination. A couple of characters could have been more nuanced or complex. All valid comments, and great feedback that I will use in my future writing.

Most of the feedback on The Muse so far has been very simple and encouraging. “I enjoyed the book–I couldn’t put it down.” Regardless of how the outside world measures success or failure, when I hear people say things like that, I know I’m at least on the right track.

If you’re interested in picking up a copy (and it’s a great gift for the frustrated writer or adventurous reader on your Christmas list), both Barnes&Noble and Amazon are offering their usual discounted/free shipping on holiday orders, so this is a great time to buy.


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