Weekend Update

Very busy these past few days with driving to and from Colorado and other associated activities, so here’s a quick update:

1a: Had a nice trip to Colorado Springs. Darling Daughter (DD) got her USAF Academy tour. I figured she’d come out of it either scared out of her wits or excited about the possibility of going there for college. Excitement won. I hadn’t been there myself in about ten years, and it was encouraging to see a lot of modest improvements in the facilities and the preservation of a lot of the things I love about the place. I’ll post some pictures from our trip on Facebook soon, and will link here when I do.

1b: Had a great visit with fellow writers Paulette Harris, John Patterson, and Kristine Pratt. Talked about my experience writing The Muse and a variety of other writing-related topics. Drank coffee! Ate scones! Sold a few books!

1c: Reconnected with an Air Force buddy who’s teaching at the Academy, and his family. DD had fun riding 4-wheelers in the snow with his daughter.

1d: Took DD to Garden of the Gods, an awe-inspiring area of uplifted sedimentary rock spires nestled at the foot of the Rockies near Colorado Springs. She was suitably impressed.

2. Another interview online, this one on the Lost Genre Guild blog.

3. Got a short story idea on the road to Colorado and finished drafting it today. Still needs a bit of tweaking, but I’m feeling pretty good about it. A superhero story–never written one before.

4. E-mail from Lyn Perry at Residential Aliens–he wants to put one of my stories, “Of All Things, Seen and Unseen,” into the first Res Aliens print anthology. Very happy about this–Lyn is quietly doing some great work creating a home for spec fic with a spiritual element. If that sort of writing floats your boat, keep an eye on his ‘zine.

5. Got a quick comment to my Armistice Day post with an outstanding link to diary entries from a WWI soldier. Check it out!


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