Notes From All Over

Busy week–I feel like I’m going in about fifteen different directions at once.

I’m writing this from a Holiday Inn breakfast nook in Chicago, where I’ve spent the last two days trying to get my son’s car fixed. Happily, it looks like the problem was just a corroded battery cable, and the fix is both quick and relatively inexpensive. In the meantime, I’ve had a nice visit with my middle son and met his girlfriend, a very nice young lady who plays soccer and had the good grace to laugh at my corny jokes. Dinner and a movie last night, saw Disney’s new version of A Christmas Carol in 3D. Not bad.

NaNoWrimo progress has been slim to none this week with the Chicago trip and other schedule disruptions. The project isn’t dependent on NaNo to get finished, but this was a good opportunity to get it cranked out. I may be able to catch up next week.

Launch party for The Muse is tomorrow evening from 7-9pm US Central time, online at Tinychat has sound and video capability, so we’ll see how that works. Should be a fun time, everybody’s welcome.

Taking the Darling Daughter to Colorado Springs for an Air Force Academy tour next weekend, and will also have the opportunity to get together with Paulette Harris from the Lost Genre Guild and a few other writers from the C-Springs area.

In-between, trying to expand the marketing effort for The Muse, pitch some local bookstores, etc.

Whoops, gotta go pick up that car…


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