Scribbler’s Scoreboard, October ’09

October was hectic–two back-to-back work trips seriously messed up my schedule but  provided some extra writing time. Wrote about one third of the first draft of my next novel, fleshed out more of a possible sequel to The Muse, wrote a new short story, made some progress on an incomplete story I’d shelved for a while, and polished/revised another.

A lot of good news this month. Three short stories published! “One Smile at a Time” in Mindflights, “Of All Things, Seen and Unseen” in Residential Aliens, and “Flashback” in Everyday Weirdness. A previously-published story, “Little Piece of Cloth,” was selected for the 2009 Best of Every Day Fiction Anthology. I’ve also got a confirmed feature and an interview upcoming in the December issue of Digital Dragon online magazine. No submissions this month, but I’ll be resubbing a couple of stories in November.

Next month will be huge. The Muse finally reaches publication, and the big marketing and publicity push will begin. Lots of blogs, interviews, visits to bookstores, conventions, and more to come. I just hope I’m up to the challenge.

The October Scoreboard:

8 Oct: 70-day acceptance from Everyday Weirdness for “Flashback”

11 Oct: 44-day rejection from Brain Harvest for “The Preserve” (contest entry)

14 Oct: 74-day rejection from A Fly in Amber for “An Eternal, Unbroken Chain”

Still waiting on a response from Books for Monsters for “Come You Back to Mandalay.”


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