Traveling Man Update

About two-thirds of the way through my latest work trip, so it’s time to score it against my list of things that consistently go wrong when I’m on the road:

1. Ouch. Two vehicle failures, one at home, one with my son in Chicago. (2)

2. Surprisingly, I’ve had the best internet connectivity in recent memory on this trip. (0)

3. Near miss here–thought we’d mislaid a bill, but found it. (0)

4. Didn’t forget anything, but did have to replace a few items of my working wardrobe. (.25)

5. Another surprise–my travel voucher from the trip immediately preceeding this one went through without a hiccup. Took a couple of days to find a fax machine, though. (0)

6. Quadruple-play on the illness. My lovely wife was sick a couple of days with a “flu-like” illness, the gridiron hero had (successful) knee surgery, and the delightful daughter contracted strep, then Zuckerman’s Famous Pig, aka H1-N1, but recovered quickly. (4)

7. A couple of irritating meetings at work for my lovely wife, but no crises. (.25)

8. One dog probably needed to go to the vet, but we let nature take its course, and the situation resolved itself. (0)

9. Headed off a recurring problem with the furnace airflow before I left home. (0)

10. One case of total drama action. Life goes on. (1)

11. N/A – Didn’t go to Florida this time. (0)

So, counting multiple hits, I score this one 7.5 out of 11, where zero is heaven and 11 is, well, the other place. Not great, but it’s been worse.


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