New Story Online! “Flashback” at Everyday Weirdness

Okay, this is weird, but I suppose that makes sense.  I was checking my outstanding submissions today and discovered that my story, “Flashback,” was, unbeknownst to me, published at Everyday Weirdness back on October 10th. I was expecting an e-mail notification, but Everyday Weirdness has a unique status tracking system on its website that apparently serves that function. I’ve been checking my mail and spam folders religiously since the submission, so I don’t think any notice got lost in the mail. I’ll know better next time, assuming there is a next time.

Anyhow, the story is online, a brief descent into madness that reminds us that for every panacea, there’s a side effect:

I lacked inspiration. Now, I have bucketfuls. Vast cauldrons of innovative profundity, pouring down upon my head like anointing oil. It tastes like pink lemonade and chews like salt-water taffy, all day long.

Like many of my stories, this one emerged from a Flash Challenge at Liberty Hall Writers’ Forum.


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