I Found a Cool Story the Other Day, #8


Ray Gun Revival is a great place to look for cool stories, especially if you like old school, action-adventure space opera. I found something a little more reflective there the other day, a story about loneliness, and desperate hope, and small things with a formidable power to bring human beings together, against all odds.

She remembered standing on the hillock of the red Martian soil of her family’s land, staring into the thin sky as it turned deepest black. The chill touched her fingers, made them curl into her palms. But the heat of the stars warmed her heart. Someday I will go, she’d thought, and her heart felt bird-wild and free.

“Shh now,” said the voice through her crackling radio. “We’ll get you back. There’s no damage the boys and girls back at the dock can’t fix. I’ll tow you back and we’ll be laughing about this over coffee in a couple hours, see if we don’t. You’re just lucky your radio had enough power, that’s all.”

It’s called Sky Voices, by Alice Roelke, and after you read it, I bet you won’t think of the phrase, “two ships that pass in the night,” quite the same way again.


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