October Banner Photo

It being October and all, I figured I needed a ghost train for this month’s banner. After perusing a variety of images ranging from the cartoony to the macabre, I hit upon this little gem from the 2007 Theo Fennell “Show Off!” exhibition of unusual jewelry and other creative applications of precious metals and shiny baubles.

This ghost train is a model railroad set crafted in sterling silver, giving it a sheen that is simultaneously beautiful and otherworldly as it chugs through the crumbling mountains of Transylvania. Gotta have it!

Yeah, as if.

Anyhow, the original image (along with a variety of other pieces in displays both conventional and decidedly eerie) can be found at http://www.theofennell.com/Accessible/News/News-ShowOff.aspx

This train, like all others making stops at the Frederation, runs on subjective time, and as an added bonus, protects you from werewolves while doing it.


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