CSFF Blog Tour Day 1: The Vanishing Sculptor, by Donita K. Paul


Tipper is at her wit’s end. She’s been struggling to manage her family’s estate since her father, the famous sculptor Verrin Schope, disappeared several years ago. To make ends meet, she’s had to discharge most of the workers and sell off her celebrated father’s most cherished works. Her dotty mother’s extravagant spending habits don’t help, and the wise old Grand Parrot Beccaroon, despite providing invaluable moral support, isn’t much of a manager, either.

And things are getting worse. Tipper begins having ghostly visions of her father. Is he dead, or has Tipper fallen into her mother’s bizarre fantasy that Verrin Shope makes nightly visits home?  She learns from a pair of strange visitors that her father is trapped in a hole between dimensions, and it’s slowly dissolving him. The problem extends to the fabric of reality itself, which is beginning to unravel and threatens the entire world. It seems a matched set of Verrin’s sculptures formed the anchor of one end of a dimensional portal, and when Tipper sold the three pieces to different buyers, the portal was disrupted, starting all the mischief.

To save her father and her world, Tipper must recover the missing sculptures, and there’s no time to lose. Is this sheltered country girl up to the challenge? She’s going to need a lot of help. Fortunately, there are friends closer at hand than Tipper realizes, and something wonderful is astir that will change Tipper’s world forever.

Donita K. Paul’s The Vanishing Sculptor is a charming fantasy tale of adventure and discovery that promises to appeal to all ages. It’s a prequel of sorts to her DragonKeeper Chronicles, but familiarity with those stories isn’t a prerequisite to enjoyment of this one.

I’ll have more by way of a review tomorrow, but in the meantime, please visit the other fine stops on this month’s tour:

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