Home Away From Home

On the road again, back to Florida to support another Army exercise. It’s getting a little scary–I’ve been here so often the place is beginning to feel like my second home. Stormy weather today, which is bad for recreation but wonderful for writing, and I’ve got some pretty big writing goals set for this trip.

1. I have to finish a bonus story that will be distributed exclusively to folks who pre-order The Muse, my debut novel which hits the street November 1.

2. I’m shifting my NaNoWriMo effort–mid-September to mid-October, attempting to draft my second novel, a sci-fi adventure story I outlined during Midsummer Madness at Liberty Hall. There will be another push from mid-October to mid-November for work on a sequel to The Muse.

3. I’m blogging my daily writing progress in diary form, as I did last year for NaNo. Check the tab labeled Fred-o-Wri-Mo for each day’s update.

That’s a lot of stuff. I’d better get started.


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