New Story Online! “Prison Dreams” at Niteblade

My short story, “Prison Dreams,” is online now at Niteblade Fantasy and Horror Magazine. It’s a little darker than my usual stuff, but I get my share of nightmares like everybody else.

His eyes traced the path of a thin crack that ran across the block ceiling, and he remembered the dream he’d had every night since his arrest.

Many of the stories and poems in this ‘zine, including mine, are introduced with a nice drawing by artist/writer/poet Marge Simon, who does a lot of beautiful book and magazine illustrations.  She got the image of the old geezer in my story right on the money.

Be careful, though…some of these tales shouldn’t be read alone at bedtime. Just saying.

You can read Niteblade online for free, or you can purchase a downloadable, printable, ad-free PDF for $3.50 (cheap!) via PayPal and encourage a whole passel of promising artists and writers.

If you like this story and want to read more of my nonsensical randomness, links to my current writing in print and online are provided under the Publications tab above.


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