Yeah, I Knew Her Back When…

When I started writing more seriously and hooked up with an online writers’ forum/critique group, I began semi-consciously racking and stacking the other writers I met. I fell into a baseball analogy for rating writers…this one was Major League, that one was a 1-A Minor Leaguer, but moving up, and so on (I, on the other hand, was utility infielder on the local church softball team).

One author that I figured was a solid AAA player ready for call-up to the big leagues was speculative fiction writer Aliette de Bodard. Beautiful imagery, original settings, sophisticated characters, and fascinating plots…she had the whole package. On top of all that, she’s a really nice person.

Well, this year she got called up. Short story sales to major publications including Asimov’s, a Campbell Award nomination for Best New Writer (being voted on this week at Worldcon), and just the other day, a three-book deal with Angry Robot, a new imprint of Harper-Collins, starting in Spring 2010 with Servant of the Underworld, a supernatural mystery set in Aztec Mesoamerica.

Keep your eye on her…she’s gonna go a long way.

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