Scribbler’s Scoreboard: July ’09

Had quite a rally in July, due in part, I think, to re-engaging with the Liberty Hall flash challenges, which always boost my energy and imagination. Some of my earlier subs emerged from the slush piles for rework and/or resubmission. Added a few book reviews. I also found a cool artist to help with my multimedia adaptation of A Taste of Honey, which should be finished next month sometime.

Bottom line, more writing, more submissions, and a pair of sales!

The July Scoreboard:

2 Jul: “Weightless” submitted to Every Day Fiction.

3 Jul: 31-day acceptance from Niteblade for “Prison Dreams.”

9 Jul: 93-day rejection  from Three-Lobed Burning Eye for “Come You Back to Mandalay.”

10 Jul: “Stress Reaction” submitted to OG’s Speculative Fiction Magazine.

11 Jul: “Come You Back to Mandalay” submitted to Books for Monsters.

14 Jul: “The Chamber of Doors” submitted to Bards & Sages Quarterly.

15 Jul: 88-day rejection from Atomjack for “An Eternal, Unbroken Chain.”

17 Jul: “Bullies With Big Fat Heads” submitted to Brain Harvest.

23 Jul: 9-day acceptance from Bards & Sages Quarterly for “The Chamber of Doors.”

24 Jul: 61-day rejection from A Fly in Amber for “Insubstantiation.”

30 Jul: “Flashback” submitted to Everyday Weirdness.

“One Smile at a Time” should be appearing in Mindflights any day now. I know I keep saying this, but it’s true. Really.


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