July CSFF Blog Tour Day 3: The Enclave, by Karen Hancock

Okay, I managed to convince the special-ops boys that I’m mostly harmless. Gee, I was only a couple days late on that cable bill–Trilateral Telecom sure is sensitive since that last Club of Rome meeting.

It doesn’t matter. I’ve almost broken through to the real story behind that spooky compound down the road. While my password cracker is…er…cracking, I’ll take a gander at what my associates on the CSFF Blog Tour have been saying about The Enclave.

First off, major kudos to Karen Hancock for wading into this chocolate mess of a blog tour and mixing it up with us, both on her own blog and on ours. I’m fairly new to the tour, but this is the first time I’ve seen an author jump into the fray like this. It was refreshing, informative, and very impressive. Thanks, Karen!

Jason Joyner scored a nice interview with Ms. Hancock, in which she reveals some of her inspiration for The Enclave (including the Biosphere 2 fiasco), and a few of the surprises that emerged as she wrote.

John W. Otte (Least-Read Blog on the Web? Hey, I’m reading!) enjoyed the story, but is getting a little tired of a common trope found in Christian SF&F. I tend to agree, and think that it’s a two-part problem. Christian SF&F authors should expand the horizons of their subject matter, becoming leaders rather than followers in the genre, and the Christian SF&F audience and publishing community should be more welcoming when they do. Putting up barriers and shibboleths based on the current “conventional wisdom” in Biblical criticism or eschatology that authors must conform to or be shunned doesn’t help the quality or quantity of Christian speculative fiction. As fiction does not equal doctrine, nor does speculation equal heresy.

Elizabeth Williams is one bad (meaning good) reviewer, and I highly recommend her posts on The Enclave if you want a thorough overview and analysis of the book and themes and issues therein.

Mirtika hadn’t yet posted as I was writing this, but not to worry–the post at the top of her page links to a cool music video that oddly fits quite well with this week’s book. Coincidence? I think not!

Ok, here it comes…the nefarious purpose of the underground complex down the road…



It’s a storage facility and office complex that takes advantage of a network of limestone caves in the area to provide climate-controlled warehousing of foodstuffs and other temperature-sensitive goods.

At least, that’s what they say it’s for. The place looks like Warehouse 13, and why would anybody want to have an office inside a cave? And why is the office in the picture draped in plastic? Oh, and now I’m getting an e-mail inviting me to tour the place. It says they even have a spa that some visitors find so relaxing, they never want to leave.

Thanks. I’ll pass.

That wraps up my piece of this month’s CSFF Blog Tour, and as usual, I’m left with more questions than answers. Tune in again next month, when we’ll be reviewing Robin Parrish’s tale of Mars and mass-disappearance, Offworld. See you then…I hope.

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Karen Hancock’s Web site – http://www.kmhancock.com/index.htm
Karen Hancock’s blog http://karenhancock.wordpress.com/

>>This review is based upon a copy of the book provided to me free of charge by the publisher, a courtesy I appreciate, but which does not guarantee my recommendation. I strive to evaluate every book I review purely on its intrinsic merits.<<

7 thoughts on “July CSFF Blog Tour Day 3: The Enclave, by Karen Hancock

  1. FYI, Fred, we’ve had other authors (Karen herself, as I recall) who have participated by joining in on the discussions, but they may have been “before your time.” Off the top of my head I can think of Donita Paul and Wayne Thomas Batson, to name a couple.

    No doubt, I think the tours with the author being present are absolutely the best.

    Thanks for your usual stellar job with all your posts.


    1. I figured there must have been others–that’s great. It added a whole other dimension to the reviews. No worries about misinterpreting what the author meant. Karen would jump right in with a clarification.

      Always a fun time. Thanks for all your hard work putting this thing together, Becky.

  2. I popped over here via Becky Miller’s site and found your cave photos a hilarious likeness to the underground compound in The Enclave! I used to work for a trucking company that delivered to these caves, and they all said it was very cool but a bit creepy to be underground.

    1. Hi, Kim!

      I drove up to the front door of the place one weekend, and the pictures don’t fully convey how imposing it is…it looks like the entrance to the Air Force’s Cheyenne Mountain operations center. Sadly, if there any secrets hidden inside, they probably have something to do with barbecue sauce. 🙂

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