New Story Online!

My flash story, “A Quiet Afternoon at the Alabaster Ladies’ Sewing Circle and Patchwork Society,” is now online at Residential Aliens. Just a placid little tale about passing the time with a few friends, a cup of tea, and a bit of needlepoint.

If only.

Res Aliens recently completed a domain change and website redesign, and it’s looking better than ever. There’s a whole slew of fictional goodness there now for your reading pleasure, so check it out!


4 thoughts on “New Story Online!

  1. Thanks, Brandon! Glad you enjoyed it. The story started out in a flash fiction challenge at Liberty Hall Writers forum, and the trigger was a poem that talked about an old woman sewing. Then I started thinking about the way the surgeons on television are always shooting the breeze about golf, or lawn care, or whatever as they work, and it all came together.

  2. Enjoyed publishing the story at the zine! Thanks for allowing it to go online. Looking forward to reading some more subs in the next couple months – from both you and Brandon! Congrats! Lyn

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