The Doldrums

I love it when a plan comes together. On the other hand, I hate it when it doesn’t. For example, I’m here in Florida on a month-long work trip, manning the night shift. Workload’s not too heavy, few distractions, simple schedule. Sounds like the perfect opportunity for writing.

Well, not so much. The arrangement at the work site is such that I can’t take a personal laptop into the building, which kills most of my ability to get anything done there during slack times. I can go back to Pad-n-Pencil 1.0, but it slows me down considerably, and my eyes start crossing at about 2am, when my body tries to convince me that I am in fact not a troglodyte.

Off-shift time is mostly devoted to sleep, but I can usually take a couple of hours to write. Unfortunately, my supervisor back home dropped a line-of-sight tasking on me. Because of the computer restriction, I can’t work on it during work time, so that killed most of my writing time last week, and put me hopelessly behind on the Midsummer Madness workshop I was doing online at Liberty Hall.

Things looked better this weekend, then the old mood swings kicked in, exacerbated by the night-cycle (living in the dark and/or inside a windowless room for an extended amount of time paints everything a demoralizing shade of gray), so I haven’t been able to get jump-started again. Oh, and it’s Father’s Day today, and my family’s 800 miles away.

I’ve been able to do some mechanical sorts of writing tasks, book reviews and such, but I’ve got to finish the edits on my novel that I promised my editor this month, and somehow get caught up on the workshop.

Ah, well, sometimes you just have to shut up, push the emotional stuff to one side, and type.

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