Traffic Cop

One of the nice features of blogging with WordPress is the stats page. It gives me a running total and graphics of how many hits my site gets every day, which posts were most active, where my visitors are coming from, who’s linking to me, and what links people are clicking when they arrive.

I have what might be charitably¬†called a “low-traffic” site. That’s okay with me, since I’m not primarily a blogger. I use the blog as a sort of public diary and a means to promote my writing to a wider audience. I’m not in it to become an internet personality or garner ginormous amounts of internet traffic. It’s still fun to watch the numbers, though. Sometimes they surprise me.

Here’s a quick summary of how things are going so far this year:

– My site traffic has increased from about 30-40 hits per month at this time last year to around 250 per month (not counting a big spike this month for a single post, more on that later). Traffic spikes to about three times the weekly average every three weeks, roughly corresponding to the scheduling of the CSFF Blog Tour (no big surprise there).

– My most popular posts are book reviews, though my About page and list of publications also get a lot of hits. That’s all good, since this blog is mostly about my writing (and writing about other people’s writing).

– Top post to date is my review of the Katawa Shoujo preview earlier this month, which already has more hits than my Publications and About pages combined, since the blog’s inception. No strategy on my part–as I usually do, I stumbled on something I thought was interesting and wrote about it. Perhaps this means I should give up writing fiction and take up full-time commentary on Japanese-style visual novels, or maybe I just happened to put out some early press on a buzzy topic (the number of hits on this post from search engines supports the latter theory).


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