Site Maintenance

Since I’ve started to accumulate a fair number of book reviews, I’ve added a tag and a separate category for them, called, not surprisingly, “Book Reviews.” So, if you want to skip all the other schmaltz and go straight to the reviews, that should be easier now.

Almost to the end of the month, so it’s time for a new banner photo. It’s fun looking for those, but it’s very difficult to find a shot taken from the appropriate angle that provides a good look at the train  or train-related object and fits within my very limited banner space. I don’t think I’ll meddle with the layout this month, as I’m mostly happy with that.

For the three or four regular readers–I know you’re out there–or anybody else who cares, if you have any suggestions for changes to this website that would make it more accessible, appealing, and/or easier to use, I’m all ears.

**Update, 28 April** Fellow KC Metro Area writer zxvasdf suggested I put links to the reviews on their own page. Brilliant! You can find them all now under the “Book Reviews” tab at the top of the home page.


2 thoughts on “Site Maintenance

  1. Along with the tag, make a page for it up with About, Publications, Serial Fiction, The Muse. That would make sense to me. BTW congrats on the book. Best of luck with that.

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