Grinding Gears

After a nice Easter, things have taken a bone-jarring shift to the hectic, with multiple conflicting priorities clamoring for time, attention, and/or money. It happens a couple of times a year, and I usually get through it in good order, but I prefer my crises one at a time, and no matter how hard I try, one or two balls in the juggling act get dropped.

Bottom line, not a lot of writing will happen this week, but next week should be better. After this week, anything has got to be better.

On the plus side, my intrepid publisher has begun work on the video trailer for my novel, The Muse, and the early samples look pretty good. Progress on the book is being blogged weekly on the Splashdown Books website. I’m still planning on getting the final draft of the manuscript to the publisher by month’s end, provided I’m still sane after the next couple of days.

Time’s up, gotta run…in three directions at once.


2 thoughts on “Grinding Gears

  1. Intrepid…. Uh… Thanks – I think. Nobody’s ever called me that before!
    No rush on the MS, btw. I hope to publish one of my own first as a test run and that will take a good deal of time and effort.

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