The March/April work trip is finally over, and I’m well past ready to go home. The work part was even more uber-boring than usual, and the weather was mostly lousy.

We also had our usual ration of emergencies–part of our roof peeled off, some crises in the extended family, canine digestive mishaps, and a couple of term papers due in my wife’s college class. We handled everything, and I’m always proud of how well my wife copes in my absence, but I wish these things wouldn’t hit when I’m not there to help her. It’s like the gremlins lie in wait until my airplane takes off.

On the plus side, got a lot of writing done, three short stories submitted, two stories published, and an interview completed for Karina Fabian’s Magic, Mensa, and Mayhem. Did a little scrubbing on the novel too, but the big push there will come after I get home–and after I take my wife out to dinner, go to my daughter’s track meet, celebrate Easter with my family, and finish my tax returns.


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