April Reading List

I overachieved on last month’s reading list–rainy days and long work trips provide more opportunity to read. I’ll begin posting reviews soon for some of my reading list books that aren’t on the CSFF Blog Tour, and I’ve added a link on this list to reviews I’ve already done.

Read in March:

A Dog Named Christmas, by Greg Kincaid

Hunter Brown and the Secret of the Shadow, by Allan & Christopher Miller (review)

Magic, Mensa, and Mayhem, by Karina Fabian (review)

Blaggard’s Moon, by George Bryan Polivka (this month’s CSFF blog tour selection)

Dojo Wisdom for Writers, by Jennifer Lawler

Reading list for April (which I expect will also grow by a couple of books):

Saving Fish from Drowning, by Amy Tan

The Android’s Dream, by John Scalzi

Collected Lenten Readings from the Church Fathers (continued from last month–Lent’s not over yet!)


2 thoughts on “April Reading List

  1. Thanks again for putting me on you list and thanks for the review! I’m also enjoying your Top Ten list on Magic, Mensa and Mayhem on Twitter!

    Android’s Dream was a fun book!

  2. Hey, no problem. The top ten list has been fun to do. I’m nearly finished tweaking the interview, just needed to add a little foreword and afterword to it. I’ll send you a copy when it’s finished. If I remember right, it’s due to post on April 19, but I’ll doublecheck that.

    Finished Android’s Dream a couple of days ago. I enjoyed the story–reminded me a lot of Keith Laumer’s Retief series, what with all the two-fisted diplomacy going on. Scalzi’s a little overfond of the f-bomb for my taste, but perhaps he’s mellowed since he wrote this.

    He’s going to be a guest at ConQuest here in KC this year, so I figured I ought to read one of his books in the event I’m able to go.

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