Road Writing

My work involves a certain amount of travel, which is a mixed blessing. I enjoy traveling, but I don’t enjoy being away from my family. I work longer days (or nights) on the road, but my time off is my own, so there’s more opportunity to write without distraction or interruption. The change of scenery and activity often provides inspiration for new story ideas, but the fatigue of travel and the work schedule can sap my energy.

The net result is usually positive. I get more writing done on the road, and the quality is about the same as when I’m home. I wrote about half of my soon-to-be-published novel, The Muse, on the road last year. On my current trip, I’ll get some more polishing done on the novel, catch up on my blogging and critiques, do a couple of flash challenges at Liberty Hall, clean up and submit a couple of short stories, and start on the next novel.

And since I’m in Florida this time, I’ll have to squeeze a trip to the beach in there somewhere. Maybe I could write on the beach.  Yeah, that sounds like a plan…


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