I Found a Cool Story the Other Day, #4


A friend in the Lost Genre Guild reminded me today that there’s a wealth of classic science fiction available for free in downloadable electronic format, via Project Gutenberg.

As I was browsing, I found a very cool short-short (we call it flash fiction nowadays), from one of my literary heroes, Fredric Brown.  That’s his picture over there. He’s better known as a mystery writer, but he also produced some great science fiction.

This man, along with William Tenn (who I’ll feature in a future Cool Story post), made me a lifetime fan of the short-short and inspired me to write some of my own. You can see some of his influence (though nowhere near his mastery) in my story, Little Piece of Cloth.

For your reading pleasure, I present a link to Fredric Brown’s mordant little tale, “Earthmen Bearing Gifts.” Share it with your friends.


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