Road Page

I commute to and from work every day, about a 45-minute drive between Lenexa and Leavenworth, Kansas.  It’s a pleasant drive, most of the time, and gives me a chance to collect my thoughts before work and unwind afterward.  It’s also been good for my writing.  I don’t know if it’s the solitude, or the sound of the wheels on the road, or the rolling landscape of eastern Kansas, but I get some of my best ideas while driving.  Sometimes I’ll get an idea for a new story, sometimes I’ll work through a knotty problem in an existing draft, and once in a while, I’ll map out an entire short story or a novel chapter on the road over a few days of commuting.

Today was unique.  I woke up with a very strange phrase in my head, and by the time I got to work, I’d finished the story.  It’s just a flash, about 500 words, but I’ve never finished something that fast from a standing start before.  I dropped it off at Liberty Hall for comments, and we’ll see if anybody else likes it.

Maybe I should just jump in the car whenever I get the urge to write.  It might make things easier.


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