Group Dynamics

A surge in family and work activities has slowed my writing down the last few days and will probably continue this week, as I get some training on a new battlefield simulation, register my daughter for next year’s high school classes, and go to parent-teacher conferences.  So, to keep the blog rolling, I’ll take a quick look at what’s happening in my online writing groups.

I think most people see writing as a solitary endeavor, but I’ve found there’s definitely strength in numbers.  A writing group helps keep me focused and motivated, provides both encouragement and critiques, and offers contests and discussions that generate lots of good story ideas.

Liberty Hall Writers just finished a revamp of their website, including a public blog with group news and useful tips for aspiring writers, and are resuming their regular schedule of flash, short story, and polish challenges after a month’s hiatus.  In the past few weeks, Liberty Hall members have sold stories to online and print magazines such as Realms of Fantasy, Interzone, Every Day Fiction, Kaleidotrope, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Flash Scribe, and Black Static, and two of their writers will be featured in the 2009 edition of The Year’s Best Science Fiction anthology.

The Lost Genre Guild members were well-represented at last week’s Catholic Writers’ Conference Online as both participants and presenters.  The Guild is also planning “The Lost Con,” an event for writers and fans of Christian speculative fiction, to be held in late August/early September in the Second Life virtual world.

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