One of my writing goals this year was to expand my network a bit…connect with more writers, attend a conference, etc.  What I didn’t realize was how much momentum the networking thing gathers when you give it just a little push.

I cleaned up and focused my two websites (one for writing, one for idle musing), linked up with another writer’s forum, and rewrote my Facebook profile to include mention of and links to my writing activity.  Seemed simple enough.  Just a nudge.  Then the boulder started rolling downhill, not downhill in the bad sense of the word, but downhill in the greatly increased velocity sense.  Facebook contacts started popping up from all over…from the writer’s groups, from my college days, even some old friends from high school I thought I’d never see again.  Joining the new writers’ group led to participation in a blog tour, which created more new contacts and more links to my webpage (and more blogging).  My Twitter contacts also doubled about this time, and I had to quickly educate myself on the finer points of Twitter to avoid being overwhelmed by a deluge of tweets.

It’s all good…as somebody once said, there’s no such thing as bad publicity, and I’m especially glad to reconnect with those old friends.  It’s just been a little breathtaking to experience this surge in communication, and it’s very tempting to spend so much time networking that my writing goes onto the back burner.  It’s not been a problem thus far–I got about halfway through my first draft of a new short story yesterday, for example–but it’s something I’ll need to watch closely.


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