Taking a Chill Pill

Single digits in Kansas today, so I’m staying inside, thankful that my historical landmark office building is steam-heated.  There’s a very retro cast-iron radiator with ornate scrollwork embellishment across the room from me that emits a commendable amount of heat, accompanied by an assortment of endearing whooshes and burps. 

Writing’s been very slow this week, for no particular reason.  Rather than try to force my muse out of hibernation, I’ve been spending more time on networking stuff, tweaking the web page, and making a few writers’ forum posts.  Technorati still isn’t acknowledging my update pings, and it’s irritating to be told I haven’t updated my blog in the last twelve days when I’ve made seven or eight posts in that amount of time.

I was issued a new computer at work today, which is always a morale boost.  A little shiner, a little faster, more memory & storage, one more inch of screen width, and wireless networking!  It’s like getting a new pair of running shoes for my hands.  Gotta take this thing out for a spin and write!

I’ll probably start my draft CSFF Blog Tour review of D. Barkley Briggs’ The Book of Names today so it’ll be ready to publish immediately on Monday, January 19 (watch for it!).  The blog tour runs three days, and I’m still trying to decide what to do on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Right now, I think on Tuesday I might talk about my personal reaction to the book, simply as a reader rather than a reviewer, and I’ll probably finish up Wednesday with a sort of meta-review that pulls in selected quotes from other reviewers on the tour, with my responses.


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