Finally starting to get back into the old routine.  The boys have returned to college, the flu bug has departed for warmer climes, and the familiar rhythms of work and my daughter’s extracurricular schedule are beginning to reassert themselves.

I’m getting some writing done, in fits and starts.  Made some progress on the story I started in Korea…got through a tough spot and can now see my way almost to the end, though I’m in a quandary whether to have the story finish on an upbeat note or with something a little darker.  Also re-subbed a story that’s been languishing in somebody’s in-box for over six months…turns out the market died with little fanfare, something that’s happened to me twice now.  Ah, well.  Gave me a chance to tweak a couple of minor things, and I like this other mag better anyhow.

Listened to “Chrysalis,” by Mary Robinette Kowal, via Escape Pod on my way to work today.  A filmmaker documenting an alien scientist’s last days before metamorphosis wrestles with the ethics of remaining an uninvolved observer.   A fine story by a fast-rising star in the spec-fic universe.  Go listen to it.  Now.


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