Not So Fast…

Not even a week into 2009, and I get laid low by some abominable virus my son brought home from Chicago.  Fortunately, it seems to be of the high-intensity, short-duration type, so I should be back on my feet tomorrow.  All I’ll say about yesterday is that it was a 12-hour nausea-fest.

My wife came down with this at the same time I did, which made for double the fun.  I think this is the first time in 24 years of marriage we’ve been sick simultaneously.  The kids were incredibly sympathetic and helpful, which made things easier, but I began wondering if this was a preview of life 30 years down the road, propped up in bed waiting for mashed bananas and hot tea.

Anyhow, I’m feeling well enough to write today.  Looking over my works-in-progress folder, I need to finish a story I started last month in Korea about a power company worker who sparks an electric romance.  I’ve also got a story near completion involving an alien weapons dealer with a talent for marriage counseling. There’s always work to do on the NaNo novel as well.

The unexpected slack time also gave me a chance to try posting this with ScribeFire, the blog-from-browser utility Liberty Hall asked everyone to use for posting to its blog.  I’ll test it out on my WordPress and Livejournal blogs first.  I like it very much so far.  It provides lots of formatting and editing tools that aren’t directly available in the standard blog interfaces, and it opens in a split-screen window with my browser, facilitating quotations from whatever neat piece of news I happen to be viewing.


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