Hit the Ground Running

Off to a good start in 2009…one story submission out the door and a couple in the queue being tweaked.  “For Fashion’s Sake,” a little tale about an extreme makeover, is also scheduled to appear in Every Day Fiction on January 27.

On the networking front, I’ve made a connection with Lost Genre Guild, an organization devoted to promoting Christian speculative fiction, stories that have been largely ignored by the big religious publishing houses.  There’s a lot of good stuff out there that’s neglected because it’s either too overtly Christian for the secular markets or too “edgy” for the Christian markets, and LGG wants to shine a light on it.  A fair bit of what I write falls into this category, so it seemed like a pretty good fit.  Besides, when I open three successive writers’ profiles and find a list of favorite books that’s nearly a mirror image of my own, I know I’ve found a group of like-minded individuals.

There are a couple of good articles from LGG members online right now.  Rick Copple has an insightful editorial on Christianity and Fantasy posted at Residential Aliens, and Brandon Barr’s retrospective on Walter Miller’s Canticle for Leibowitz is available at Wayfarer’s Journal.


One thought on “Hit the Ground Running

  1. Hello Fred,

    I found you here too. I have a blog also you might want to check out if you get time when you are not writing. Ha.

    Glad everything is going so good.

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