Scribbler’s Scoreboard, December ’08 and End-of-Year Summary

Since we’re at year’s end, this installment of the scoreboard will be in two parts: the monthly recap, and a summary of the year’s activity.

December was a busy month, with a work trip to Korea and Christmas activities at home, so there was less time for writing, though I was able to fire off two submissions, including one new story, and I also finished the first clean-up pass on my NaNoWriMo novel.  Highlights were the publication of two stories, “Little Piece of Cloth” in Every Day Fiction, and “Mound of Mud” in Mindflights.

The December Scoreboard:

17 Dec:  58-day rejection for “One Smile at a Time” from The Lorelei Signal

18 Dec:  Submitted “One Smile at a Time” to A Fly in Amber

18 Dec:  Submitted “The Silver Tree” to Kaleidotrope

Still awaiting responses from Darwin’s Evolution for “Stress Reaction”, Tower of Light Fantasy for “The Curse”, Doorways Magazine for “Prison Dreams”, and Alternative Coordinates for “At My Table”.

This marks the end of my first year writing “seriously”.  I couldn’t be happier with how it’s turned out, and look forward to bigger and better adventures in writing next year.  Thanks to all who helped, encouraged, and inspired me along the way, including my lovely wife, skeptical kids, incredibly-supportive mom-in-law, Jen in Cali, and the gang at Liberty Hall.  Many thanks also to everybody who’s read my stories.  I hope they’ve brightened your day and stirred your thoughts and emotions, just a little.

The 2008 Scoreboard:

Submissions (including re-submitted rejections): 35

Rejections: 19

Acceptances: 9 (25.7% acceptance rate)

Pending Responses: 6

Withdrawals:  1 (magazine closed)

Online Publications: 6

Print Publications: 2 (“Intervention” was published in both Sand Vol 2 and their year-end anthology issue)

Pending Publications: 2 (1 online, 1 print)

Awards/Other Achievements:  Successfully completed NaNoWriMo 2008 with a 50000+ word novel, currently in revision

Links to all my stories online or in print and to the fine publications hosting them are listed on my Publications page.

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