Scribbler’s Scoreboard – November ’08

Not much activity in November, as subbing took a back seat to NaNoWriMo.  “For Fashion’s Sake” was accepted by Every Day Fiction, a nice surprise (I honestly thought I’d taken the subject matter a little too far), and it seems they’ve also accepted “Little Piece of Cloth,” as it’s shown up in their December lineup, scheduled to appear on the 10th, though I’ve received no official notification on that story.

The November Scoreboard:

7 Nov: 31-day rejection from Fusion Fragment for “The Time Share”

13 Nov: 50-day acceptance from Every Day Fiction for “For Fashion’s Sake”

22 Nov: 79-day rejection from Alienskin for “Flashback”

30 Nov (awaiting direct confirmation from the editors): 59-day acceptance from Every Day Fiction for “Little Piece of Cloth”

Still awaiting responses from Darwin’s Evolution for “Stress Reaction”, Tower of Light Fantasy for “The Curse”, Doorways Magazine for “Prison Dreams”, The Lorelei Signal for “One Smile at a Time”, and Alternative Coordinates for “At My Table”.  I’ve heard a rumor that Darwin’s Evolution is shutting down, and I suspect Tower of Light may also be, but I’m going to wait for official notice before I resub those stories.

One thought on “Scribbler’s Scoreboard – November ’08

  1. I queried EDF yesterday, and they have definitely accepted “Little Piece of Cloth” (I thought it might have been confused with my other story when they generated the schedule)…they recently started using an automated process for sending notification e-mails, and are still working out the bugs.

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