Scribbler’s Scoreboard – October ’08

A little late on this update, due to my travels during October, and the start of NaNoWriMo 2008 on Nov 1.

October was another month of mostly waiting, highlighted by Residential Aliens‘ acceptance and publication of A Taste of Honey. Stories are like children…you love them all, but they each have their own personality.  Some are serious, some are quirky.  Some are strong, some are graceful.  Some carry the weight of high expectations, others have more modest aspirations. And some, like this story, just make you smile when they come to mind.  Anyhow, one more in the W column.

“Intervention,” actually my first fiction sale ever, also came out this month in the print ‘zine, Sand: A Journal of Strange Tales, also a good feeling.  E-zines turn faster and potentially get more eyes-on, but my copy of Sand #2 will likely be moldering on my bookshelf long after the other stories have returned to their component electrons.

Standard plug for my favorite writer’s forum: “A Taste of Honey” was born in a Liberty Hall flash challenge.

The October Scoreboard:

2 Oct: “Little Piece of Cloth” submitted to EveryDay Fiction

7 Oct: 50-day rejection from Atomjack for “The Time-Share”

7 Oct: “The Time Share” submitted to Fusion Fragment

8 Oct: 27-day acceptance from Residential Aliens for “A Taste of Honey”

20 Oct: 92-day rejection from Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show for “One Smile at a Time”

20 Oct: “One Smile at a Time” submitted to The Lorelei Signal

27 Oct: “At My Table” submitted to Alternative Coordinates

Still awaiting responses from Darwin’s Evolutions for “Stress Reaction”, Tower of Light Fantasy for “The Curse”, EveryDay Fiction for “For Fashion’s Sake”, Alienskin Magazine for “Flashback”, and Doorways Magazine for “Prison Dreams”


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