Scribbler’s Scoreboard – September ’08

September turned out to be slower than I expected.  Well, maybe I should have expected it.  I’ve been working on a couple of longer stories I plan to sub out next month, I got back into the flash challenge cycle at Liberty Hall, building up some inventory of stories-under-construction, and I subbed to a couple of markets with editorial challenges (when Duotrope says the ‘zine’s last response to a sub was four months ago, I should probably pay attention).

On the upside, Mound of Mud was picked up by Mindflights, a sale I was particularly happy about, since they turned me down on another story earlier this year.  It was also my first sale to a Christian market.  The Devil’s Temp came out in September’s A Fly in Amber, and I got to review the galleys for the upcoming issue of Sand, which will hit the streets in October with my story, Intervention ($4/copy – cheap!).  Got some nice comments on both Redemption (in Postcards From) and The Devil’s Temp.

I’ve added some short blurbs about the stories on my Publications page.  Sometimes the titles alone can be a little enigmatic. 

The September Scoreboard:

1 Sep: 19-day acceptance from Mindflights for “Mound of Mud”

4 Sep: “Flashback” submitted to AlienSkin Magazine

10 Sep: 43-day rejection from Fantasy Magazine for “A Taste of Honey”.

11 Sep: “A Taste of Honey” submitted to Residential Aliens

22 Sep: 24-day rejection for “For Fashion’s Sake” from Hub Magazine

24 Sep: “For Fashion’s Sake” submitted to EveryDay Fiction 

Still awaiting responses from Darwin’s Evolutions for “Stress Reaction”, Tower of Light Fantasy for “The Curse”, Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show for “One Smile at a Time”, and Doorways Magazine for “The Time-Share”.

2 thoughts on “Scribbler’s Scoreboard – September ’08

  1. Finally got around to reading A Taste of Honey – great story! Sorry it took me so long. Thanks for submitting to Residential Aliens. I have new stories up at the zine now that I’m back in action. Best wishes in your writing projects. Lyn

  2. Thanks, Lyn. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I was happy to see the new material and cosmetic tweaks on Res Aliens. It looks very nice.

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