Scribbler’s Scoreboard – August 08

My personal life in August was totally nuts, with school starting up again (a major stressor for my wife the teacher), two boys going off to college, and a major job trip, all at the same time.  Coupled with some rather slow response times from publishers, my writing/submission volume was reduced from the last couple of months.

There was good news, however.  “Redemption“, my first story to see print, finally made its debut in Postcards From, and “The Devil’s Temp” was accepted by A Fly in Amber.  I’m currently polishing up a flash story, “For Fashion’s Sake”, which I plan to submit to Hub later today, and a short story, “The Silver Tree,” which I’m hoping to submit to an upcoming science-fiction anthology.

The August Scoreboard:

6 August: “Prison Dreams” submitted to Doorways Magazine

10 August: “You May Already Be a Winner”, 14-day rejection from Weird Tales (contest)

12 August: “The Devil’s Temp”, 55-day acceptance from A Fly in Amber

13 August: “Mound of Mud” submitted to MindFlights

17 August: “The Time-Share”, 46-day rejection from Ideomancer

18 August: “The Time-Share” submitted to Atomjack

29 August: “For Fashion’s Sake” submitted to Hub

Still awaiting responses from Darwin’s Evolutions for “Stress Reaction”, Tower of Light Fantasy for “The Curse”, Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show for “One Smile at a Time”, and Fantasy Magazine for “A Taste of Honey”.


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