Traveling Man

About halfway through my latest work trip…I enjoy the travel, but it definitely inspires some mixed emotions.  I don’t like being apart from my family, but I do enjoy the change of scenery and the ability to set my own schedule for a while.  I think it’s also good for my wife and kids to get a little practice doing things on their own, to remind them that they are very capable people and can get along without me because, let’s face it, I won’t be around forever.

Anyhow, I’ve noticed that some things consistently happen while I’m away from home:

1. A major appliance or vehicle will fail or require costly maintenance.

2. My internet connection on the road will be erratic or completely inoperative at random intervals. 

3. An important financial or legal document will go missing.

4. I will forget some essential item that must be replaced at the travel site at an inflated price.

5. There will be some problem with my corporate travel card authorization or billing.

6. I, my wife, or one of the kids will contract a debilitating flu-like illness.

7. My wife (a teacher) will have a crisis at work involving a surly parent or incompetent bureaucrat. 

8. One or both dogs will require veterinary attention.

9. Some part of the house will break.

10. One or more kids will have a serious drama moment involving a boyfriend/girlfriend.

And, since I’m in Florida this trip:

11. If in Florida, there will be a tropical storm that tracks directly over my hotel.


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