School Daze

Regarding the comment I made in an earlier post about moving two tons of stuff into my wife’s classroom…many people fail to comprehend the mountain of logistics required to equip a kindergarten classroom. I firmly believe anybody who thinks kindergarten is “glorified day care” should be beaten severely with a foam-rubber bat and made to repeat that episode in their primary education.

Most of these kids come in with literally no background in reading, writing, social skills, or even the basic concept of what school is about. A few are still working on their toilet training. At least half the kids in my wife’s incoming class speak little or no English, and they’re barely functional in their native language. They’re starting from ground zero, and you can’t just toss them a book and expect them to learn. Plus, they have to be reasonably functional learners and communicators by year’s end. All concepts have to be attacked using all five senses, which means lots of visual aids, manipulative objects, and other gear.

And it’s all very heavy. I have a new appreciation for how much paper weighs in the aggregate.


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