Scribbler’s Scoreboard – July 08

July was a wild month. Two sales! “Belphemor’s Minion” to Sorcerous Signals, due out in November, and “Our Lady of Chagrin” to Beyond Centauri for their April 2009 issue. “A Taste of Honey” didn’t make the final cut at Allegory, but I was in the top 25 of 500 submissions, and I’ll get an “honorable mention” credit in the next issue.

The July Scoreboard:

2 July: “The Time-Share”, 41-day personal rejection from Murky Depths
2 July: “The Time-Share” submitted to Ideomancer, awaiting response
5 July: “The Curse” withdrawn from (they folded)
5 July: “The Curse” submitted to Tower of Light Fantasy
12 July: “Belphemor’s Minion”, 29-day acceptance from Sorcerous Signals
17 July: “Our Lady of Chagrin”, technically a 34-day form rejection from Aoife’s Kiss, but the editor thought it would be a better fit for one of their sister publications, a YA print ‘zine, so…
17 July: “Our Lady of Chagrin”, 34-day acceptance from Beyond Centauri
20 July: “One Smile at a Time” submitted to Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show, awaiting response
27 July: “You May Already Be a Winner” submitted to Weird Tales (flash fiction contest), awaiting response
28 July: “A Taste of Honey,” 82-day personal rejection from Allegory (with an honorable mention credit in their Fall ’08 issue)
29 July: “A Taste of Honey” submitted to Fantasy Magazine, awaiting response.

Postcards From is late on their July issue, so “Redemption” hasn’t yet been published. I’m just hoping the ‘zine is still in business…they haven’t updated their site in the past month.

Still awaiting responses from A Fly in Amber for “The Devil’s Temp” and Darwin’s Evolutions for “Stress Reaction”


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