The Watched Pot

I’m waiting on responses from online ‘zines regarding two of my stories, and the speed of the response seems to be inversely proportional to my interest, creating a situation where I’m constantly checking my e-mail, hoping to find a letter, and being constantly disappointed.

One editor accepted a story, and said it would be published in his July edition. July is rapidly waning, and there’s no July edition yet, and no updates on the ‘zine’s webpage since May. When I queried last month, I was assured that a contract was forthcoming. Nothing yet. So, I’m left wondering whether the ‘zine is about to fold, or its staff is just behind schedule. They compensate at pro rates, so this sale is fairly important to me as a confidence builder (somebody actually wants to pay more than a dollar and a complimentary copy for my work).

The other editor notified me that my story there is in the final round for a publication decision, and that I could expect a decision by the end of June. Again, no further info. I’m not too worried that this ‘zine is in imminent danger of closing, as it’s been around for several years, but they’re sitting on a story that I care about, that I think is pretty good, and that is a bona fide short story, not a flash.

So, I’m figuratively watching the kettle, waiting for the water to boil, and everybody knows a watched pot won’t boil. Grrr.


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