The Echo Chamber I

New feature!  Once a week, I will offer a series of seemingly disconnected thoughts that may or may not combine synergistically to produce a whole greater than the sum of the parts.

Yes, I know that’s redundant.

It’s just an experiment in the absurd.  When you get maybe two hits a week, from spambots, it doesn’t much matter what you write, does it?  You’re effectively talking to yourself.

Let’s enter the Echo Chamber, shall we, Fred?

Willikers, that sounds great, Fred!  I’m ready whenever you are!

Wait a second, I think we need some kind of structure for this.  Consistency is very important, even in random endeavors.

I agree.  Hmm.  I know…each entry should start with a random number to uniquely identify it.

Good, then we’ll follow with a similarly  random observation, whatever pops into our head.

I think we should finish with a short description of how this observation makes us feel, tacking on an obscure exclamation at the end to give it some “punch.”

Cool!  I’m already curious about how this is going to play out.

Me too.  You can go first.

Oh, no.  After you.  I insist.

Thank you.  Here goes…

73809: My dog snoozes on the carpet, his spindly legs twitching as he pursues an imaginary rabbit across his personal little field of dreams.  This makes me feel wistful, wishing I could join him.  Zowie!

99393/2a: Wind whips the branches of the trees in the backyard into a frenzy of fluttering leaves–is a storm coming?  I’m apprehensive, though I would enjoy the meterological light show. Yowza!

434: The room is dark, and I should switch on the light, though I’m oddly somnevolent and wish to remain on this overstuffed sofa.  It’s a wearying thought.  Oy, veh!

2 thoughts on “The Echo Chamber I

  1. Hellos from another fellow Kansas resident. Haha. The echo chamber pretty much describes my entire blog. Happy to have happened upon this. Great story for EDF. I’m planning to submit a story or two myself, if my muse ever resurfaces…

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