Scribbler’s Scoreboard, June 08

June’s most exciting news was a “maybe” from Allegory for “A Taste of Honey,” which means I passed their first cut and will find out shortly after month’s end whether or not they will publish the story. If it’s not selected, I’ll still get an “honorable mention” credit in the next issue, which is better than a sharp stick in the eye, at least.

On to the June Scoreboard:

11 June: “Stress Reaction” submitted to Darwin’s Evolutions

12 June: “Belphemor’s Minion”, 47-day personal rejection from The Town Drunk

13 June: “Belphemor’s Minion” submitted to Sorcerous Signals

13 June: “Our Lady of Chagrin”, 15-day personal rejection from Flash Fiction Online

13 June: “Our Lady of Chagrin” submitted to Aoife’s Kiss

18 June: “The Devil’s Temp”, 35-day personal rejection from Kaleidotrope

18 June: “The Devil’s Temp” submitted to A Fly in Amber

Still awaiting responses on “The Time-Share” from Murky Depths, and “The Curse” from


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