The Adventures of Jess Ransom, Part 1

Jess Ransom Part 1

This is the first part of a little serial story I wrote about ten years ago for my oldest son while I was stationed in Korea.  I’d write an installment every month as a way to give him something a little more fun than the usual “How are you? I am fine” letters. 

The story wasn’t finished when I returned home, and he’d pretty much outgrown it by then, so I shelved it for a long time, intending to come back and finish it someday.  My daughter discovered the story a few months ago and is after me to finish it, so maybe this will give me some incentive.

Comments are welcome.  I don’t have any illusions about trying to publish this…it’s a little old-fashioned and naive for even the youth markets, I think.  It’s sort of like the old jalopy in the back yard, propped up on blocks, that you swear you’re going to get running some day, just for the sense of personal accomplishment.  

That said, it still falls under the Creative Commons licensing restrictions linked on the About page, so don’t try to sell it (as if you could) or pass it off as your own work (as if you’d want to), or I’ll sic my pit-bull lawyer Murray on ya.


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